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Leaving Your Comfort Zone
Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Leave My Comfort Zone - What is a comfort zone?

What do you mean  leave my comfort zone?  A comfort zone is usually defined as the areas in life in which people feel most comfortable, and it can be considered a mental rather than a physical space. Much of the reason comfort zones are discussed is because they become a reliable predictor for how people will behave or respond to situations, and they can be viewed as a stagnating element in people’s lives. Remaining inside a comfort zone that doesn’t allow for mental expansion or consideration of new ideas means people will stay relatively the same through life. Exterior factors may most contribute to breaking down zone barriers. Leaving a comfort zone deliberately is an opportunity for personal growth, and it doesn’t have to be caused by drastic or difficult events. Personal development books often focus on this issue of learning how to stretch beyond defined zones to continue personal growth. Ultimately, mental comfort can be an enemy that keeps people from continuing on a path of change. Yet those that welcome stepping outside their defined zones may have a life of learning and development ahead of them.

Leave My Comfort Zone- Find Your Comfort Zone Then Leave It

I have always been extremely shy when I meet new people for the first time and it takes me a little while to get comfortable around new people.  I will have to leave my comfort zone when I go to Las Vegas for my INSANITY Certification and Team Beachbody Summit. I have to admit "I'm very scared to leave my comfort zone"  But I know once I arrive in Las Vegas I will have no other choice and that I will have to leave my comfort zone to talk to people new people and work out in front of people for the first time.  I have been told that once I leave my comfort zone that great things will happen.  So let's see what happens when I have to leave my comfort zone because I will have no other choice when I go to Las Vegas.


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Leave My Comfort Zone

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