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 Dance Workouts Hip Hop Abs And Rockin Body By Shaun T

Dance Workouts Hip Hop Abs And Rockin Body By Shaun T
Dance Workouts Hip Hop Abs And Rockin Body By Shaun T

Dance Workouts- Hip Hop Abs By Shaun T

What is it?
Hip Hop Abs is a 30-day, dance-based in-home fitness program designed
to help you burn fat and sculpt your abs without doing crunches or sit-ups.
It’s good for beginners as well as experienced exercisers.
Fitness trainer and professional dancer Shaun T teaches his easy-to-follow
moves step by step, so you can do it even if you think you can’t dance.
If you’re new to working out, you won’t need to buy any extra equipment.
All you need is a DVD player and room to move.

Why is it effective?
Hip Hop Abs uses cardio to burn calories, with special focus on toning your abs.
Shaun’s “Tilt, Tuck & Tighten” technique helps you work your abs the whole
time you’re dancing, so every move has the impact of a crunch or sit-up without
getting on the floor.
Shaun shows you how to activate your upper abs, lower abs, and obliques all at
the same time you’re burning fat. And the program has multiple workouts, so
you’ll never get bored.
Since exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand, Shaun’s Step-by-Step
Nutrition Guide helps you choose the right foods to support your weight
loss goals.
If you have to eat on the go, Shaun helps you make the best choices with his Results on the Run diet guide.

What kind of results can
people get with Hip Hop Abs?
We have hundreds of Success Stories
from people who have lost weight with
Hip Hop Abs. In our most recent test group,
participants lost an average of nearly
3 inches off their waist in the first 6 days,
and an average of over 4 inches off their
waist in 60 days.* That’s about 2 jeans
sizes—how happy would that make you?

What makes
Hip Hop Abs unique?
Hip Hop Abs is more like a dance party
than a workout. Unlike typical gym
routines, Shaun’s workouts are fun,
yet challenging. They’re
great for people who want
a high-energy workout that
doesn’t feel like exercise.

Shaun puts you through a head-to-toe
routine that combines cardio and totalbody
sculpting with an emphasis on defining your abs.

Dance Workouts- Rockin Body By Shaun T

What is Rockin’ Body?
Rockin’ Body is a dance-based home workout system that will burn calories
and party off the pounds. Set on a large stage with costumes and flashing lights,
it’s designed to feel like a live rock show, complete with an audience. Your
upbeat trainer Shaun T teaches you easy-to-follow dance moves you can show
off in clubs, and you’ll perform a full dance routine at the end of each segment.
Filled with popular dance party songs from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and today, including
“I Will Survive” and “I Love Rock and Roll,” Rockin’ Body is an enjoyable way
to burn calories and fat.

Why is it effective?
Because Shaun T wants to get you comfortable with the moves so you can go
all out, he uses his Mark It and Move It technique to show you how to do each
step before he teaches the full routine. The names of the moves are listed
on-screen, and you can watch the dancers to see variations and modifications of
the moves—especially helpful for people at different fitness levels.

What makes Rockin’ Body
The high-energy atmosphere of Rockin’
Body makes your workouts feel like a
dance party. The steps are even current
enough that you can do them at a party
or dance club. You don’t have to be a
great dancer to pick up the moves, but
you might be one after you’re done.

Fitness expert Shaun T
Shaun T is a native of New Jersey who trained at Rowan
University, where he received his B.S. in Sports Science with
a minor in Theater/Dance. He has danced in theater, TV,
commercials, and movies, and has worked with many wellknown
recording artists, including Mariah Carey, Nick and
Aaron Carter, and Elephant Man.
Shaun partnered with Beachbody to create Hip Hop Abs—a dance-based
cardio program focused on defining the abs and core—then continued with
Shaun T’s Dance Party Series, Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club, and Rockin’ Body.
He then took it to another level by launching INSANITY, followed by
INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Vol. 1 and INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Vol. 2. His most recent project is FOCUS T25.


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Dance Workouts Hip Hop Abs And Rockin Body By Shaun T

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